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Thanks for not
only living up to what we envisioned for the day but for greatly exceeding our expectations.

Ed, Donna and Kristina Davidson,
North Carolina USA
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Southern Cassowary – Daintree Rainforest – Far North Queensland – Australia

An amazing start to the week in the Daintree Rainforest. Our guide, Chris together with his guests were treated to a most remarkable sight, when they came up very close and personal to a Southern Cassowary family.
Although Cassowary sightings are not uncommon at this time of the year, it is uncommon to see a family together, as it’s the male’s role to raise the chicks alone.
It is vital that all guests be aware to never get close and take extra care when around a male cassowary and chicks as he will vehemently defend his chicks from any perceived danger.

Some Ways to Help us care for our Cassowaries:
Don’t stop if you see a Cassowary on the road, but slow down instead. This will reduce its risk of it being hit or causing an accident.
Alert oncoming vehicles by flashing your lights
Keep car doors and windows closed and never chase a Cassowary
Do not feed a Cassowary
NEVER get between an adult bird and its chicks

August is a splendid time to be in Far North Queensland and a great time for Cassowary sightings. Contact us if visiting and allow us to show off this magical Daintree Rainforest and it’s wildlife.

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Southern Cassowary - Daintree Rainforest with Tony's Tropical Tours

Southern Cassowary – Daintree Rainforest with Tony’s Tropical Tours