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The Solar Eclipse 2012 – Port Douglas Queensland Australia – 14th November 2012

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


With eight months to the date for the next Solar Eclipse, Port Douglas is gearing up to be a major magnet not only in the eyes of astronomy buffs, eclipse enthusiasts but many international and domestic guests who wish to be part of this extraordinary phenomenon.

It is rare for a total eclipse to be visible from land and with Port Douglas being the perfect place for viewing the eclipse, the town as well as surrounding area is bursting with excitement at being part of this significant natural event.
A Total Eclipse occurs when the sun is completely obscured by the Moon. As dawn breaks on the 14th November 2012 in Port Douglas, Queensland – Australia and the moon overtakes the sun and we plunge into darkness, the early chatter of birds and animals will be replaced by total silence. The temperature will drop and the animals will retire and roost in confusion that they have just experienced a very short day.

The solar eclipse will last just 2 minutes between 6.38am and 6.40am (Eastern Australian Standard time). The total time of the partial eclipse either side of the total eclipse is almost two hours. The longest part of the Total Solar Eclipse will occur over the middle of the South Pacific Ocean and will last over 4 minutes.
The total solar eclipse will be seen along a narrow strip of land about 200km wide which crosses the top of Queensland and the Coral Sea.

Far North Queensland is expecting many thousands of people to visit the region during this unique natural occurrence and many Port Douglas accommodation houses and resorts are already fully booked. Some boats are setting sail off Four Mile Beach Port Douglas, in the early hours to prepare for that ‘special’ exhibition. A festival is being organised in Port Douglas to coincide with the Solar Eclipse and major events are being planned such as the Solar Eclipse Marathon which is believed to attract up to 2000 competitors. The Port Douglas Marathon race will begin on Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas. Runners will take on a challenging but scenic course with vistas extending from the Coral Sea to The Daintree Rainforest.
 This is set to be a truly amazing time to be in Port Douglas during Port Douglas Solar Eclipse 2012.

 At Tony’s Tropical Tours, it will be ”business as normal” with Tours operating daily to the Daintree Rainforest.  We are able to accommodate couples, families , singles as well as groups.
Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.