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Daintree Region Map

Mossman Gorge National Park: Located 15 minutes north of Port Douglas, an introduction to this unique world heritage area, where for millions of years the Mossman River has carved its way to reach the coastal lowlands, with crystal clear water cascading on granite boulders. Look out for boyd’s dragon or even a platypus.

Daintree: Named after Richard Daintree, a geologist, photographer and international promoter of Queensland Australia.

Daintree River: One of the longest rivers on the East Coast of Australia and home to some 31 species of mangroves. The Daintree River is home to a diverse eco system and is the natural habitat of many species of rare birds, snakes, frogs, bats, reptiles and the saltwater estuarine crocodile.

Cape Tribulation : The only place in the world where two World Heritage Listed areas meet.

Kulki Track and Lookout Cape Tribulation:An easy 10-minute walk-taking visitors to a lookout point for unsurpassed views of the mountains and beach.


Noah Valley – World Heritage Listed private property: Positioned right in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest. It is described as a ‘refugium” where species have survived undisturbed for millions of years.  Some plant species found within the Noah Valley are not known to exist anywhere else. A botanical expedition in the 1960’s, discovered numerous species here, and the discoveries led ecologists to describe this place as ‘the cradle of new thinking and new attitudes to Australia’s tropical rainforests’. It makes the perfect place to present a high quality visitor experience, giving guests an opportunity to focus on appreciating this remarkable rainforest ecosystem without distraction, as well as enhancing the feeling of having enjoyed a ‘true’ wilderness experience.

Bloomfield Falls: Accessible only by 4wd via the Bloomfield Track, traversing creeks and river crossings, steep climbs and descends, with some of the most spectacular scenery and remote wilderness. Arriving at the Bloomfield Falls, marvel at the 40-metre waterfall surrounded by the world heritage-listed rainforests of the Daintree.

Tablelands: A district rich in national parks, diverse landscapes, habitats, waterfalls with a taste of the ‘Outback’.

Tony’s Tropical Tours visits all the above locations.
We hold all relevant Permits to ensure that you are able to visit every area of significance within the Daintree region and Tablelands area as well as offering some exclusive and private areas away from crowds, other companies and self drivers, for a memorable Wet Tropics Wilderness adventure.

Frequently asked Questions

When is the best time of year to visit Port Douglas?
Anytime is a great time to visit the Far North Tropics of Queensland. Each season has its advantages  – The Dry Season – our winter months is becomes a very popular and busy getaway from the cold and in the Wet/Green Season everything is lush and becomes alive with waterfalls flowing at their peak.

What are the temperatures in Port Douglas?

Port Douglas weather has 2 distinct seasons.

Winter (Dry season) starts in May and finishes in October offering warm temperatures, sunshine, fresh breezes and relatively low humidity and low rainfall. Temperature is normally around  21 – 25 degrees Celsius.

Summer (Wet season) extends from November to April and is a period of balmy weather with tropical downpours – often in the afternoon and occasional impressive storms. Temperature is normally around 29 – 32 degrees Celsius.