Frequently Asked Questions

With over 20 years of travelling to the Daintree Rainforest and over 25 years in the industry, we hope that we can assist with answers to some of the more frequent asked questions.

What is the return time of your tours?

These are only approximate times of return.  The TOUR ‘A’ Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation via Mossman Gorge tour offers two departure times.

The 7.20am departure from Port Douglas returns at approximately 4.30pm.

The 8.20am departure from Port Douglas returns at approximately 5.30pm.

Both departure times offer the same itinerary.

The TOUR ‘B’ Bloomfield Falls – Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest tour has a departure time of 7.10 am and a return time of between 6.30 and 7.00pm.

Return times are only approximate as much depends on seasonal traffic, ferry queues and other unexpected delays.

We DO NOT recommend anyone partaking in any Daintree Rainforest tour on the last day of their visit, as any holdups on the return journey could have you miss your transfer to the airport or flight.

It takes one hour to drive to the airport from Port Douglas, if travelling by coach it will take longer. You also need to consider your flight check in time and any delays on the road getting to the airport.

What is the difference between the TOUR’A’ Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation via Mossman Gorge tour and the TOUR ‘B’ Bloomfield Falls, Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation?

Choosing the best tour option really depends on your interest.

If you like the idea of off road driving and to see a little more of the Daintree Rainforest area as well as the Bloomfield Falls, then the TOUR’B’ would be the perfect choice, however if you would prefer not to take in any off road driving, not sit in the vehicle for long periods of time but still see the best of the Daintree Rainforest, then the TOUR’A’ option would be most suitable.

The TOUR ‘A’ includes the Mossman Gorge and travels as far as Cape Tribulation. The tour guarantees less time in a vehicle and more time to enjoy the Daintree Rainforest. The reason is that we are not veering off in too many directions so you are enjoying the stops for longer periods of time.

The TOUR ‘B’ incorporates all of the TOUR ‘A’ except for the Mossman Gorge. The reason for this, is lack of time, as this tour is a long day on its own. With this tour we travel further than Cape Tribulation taking us north to the Bloomfield Falls. This section takes one hour and fifteen minutes of off road driving each way to the Bloomfield Falls, crossing creeks along the way and together with stops, this part of the day is approximately a 3+ round trip and all 4wdriving.

If you click on the icon ‘Cairns to Cooktown via Daintree Regional Map‘ you will find a map showing the distance we travel. The area between Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield Falls, is the 4wdriving section, which crosses a couple of creeks along the way. Touring vehicle used for this tour is the purpose built and converted Toyota Commuter 4wd off roader with a maximum of 11 guests for comfort.

 The Toyota Commuter will take you everywhere a smaller off road vehicle will, so don’t be put off by the size, you will have maximum comfort in the larger off roader but still a small group.

This tour is not recommended for guests that require assistance with walking or who have back, knee or hip ailments as the Bloomfield Track can be rather arduous at times.

No walking sticks, walker or any walking apparatus suitable.

The walk from the car park to view the Bloomfield Falls is over some large rocks that require agility.

  All vehicles are air conditioned for your comfort.

Will we be picked up from our accommodation or do we meet up with you somewhere?

Pickups and drop offs are complimentary from all Port Douglas accommodation /resorts /private accommodation. Pickup times will depend on the tour booked and where you will be staying.

Once a booking is confirmed a pickup time will be advised.

For guests travelling from Cairns/ Palm Cove/ Trinity Beach or any other Cairns Northern Beaches, Turtle Cove and Thala Beach Nature Reserve you will require to make your own way to Port Douglas to join the tour. We will advise of the most suitable pickup point in Port Douglas when the booking is confirmed.

What if I have not booked a hotel as yet?

Once you have made your final arrangements, you can contact us directly with your accommodation details.

Can I book the front seat?

No. In fairness to all our guests, the front seat cannot be booked.  Should you suffer from motion sickness, then perhaps consider taking motion sickness tablets prior to the tour. If you still prefer the front seat then the private charter option would be best for you.

What should I not bring with me on tour?

Do not bring a large amount of cash.  We do not recommend that you wear excess jewellery and try and keep your valuable engagement ring in the safe back at the resort. Do not wear it swimming. We also recommend that you do not wear your wedding ring whilst swimming. The cold temperature of the water in the stream will cause your finger size to shrink temporarily, aided by the movement of your hands as you swim, it can make it easy for the ring to slip off your finger without you being aware of it.

What should we bring on the day?

For your comfort light coloured clothing is always recommended. Try and disregard dark colours such as black, brown and dark blue as some insects such as mosquitoes and March flies are attracted to them.  Shorts and T/Shirt or light cotton shirt works best. If travelling during the months on June, July and August, perhaps a light sweater is advisable as it can get a little cool on the Daintree River Cruise, especially in the early hours of the day. Runners or flat sandals are fine, thongs/flip flops although acceptable are not advisable as you can slip in the rainforest when walking on wet surfaces or leaves. 

One of our interpretive Daintree Rainforest walks is at Noah Valley – a world heritage listed private property and is on natural terrain, very private , totally unspoilt virgin rainforest. It is not a boardwalk and although the path is cleared of debris,  you will be walking on some small rocks and over small tree roots. After the rain there may be leaves on the ground which can be slippery so if you are wearing thongs/ flip flops always take a little extra care.

For the Bloomfield Falls tour, we do not recommend thongs/ flip flops as you will be walking over some large slippery rocks that will rupture them very quickly.

Swimming is optional. You do not need to wear your swimsuit all day. There are toilets at Noah Valley Private Rainforest area for you to change before and after your swim. Please also bring your  own towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and camera (check to make sure it’s fully charged and have spare batteries) and a small amount of cash if you would like to sample the ice cream at the Daintree Ice Cream Co. We do not include this due to the large volume of dietary requirements.

A water bottle is optional. If you have purchased a bottle of water during your stay in the area then bring it along.  Although we carry a large supply of filtered water you will need to wait until we stop if you would like a drink, the advantage of your own bottle is that you can keep it in the vehicle at all times and drink as you require instead of waiting until the vehicle stops each time to have a drink. Water can be refilled from our supply at any time. We are an Advanced Eco Accredited tour company and do not advocate to supplying each guest with a plastic bottle per day as this would add to the world’s already massive problem with plastic.

Do we need to bring wet weather gear?

Umbrellas are supplied for each guest on board.

What else is supplied?

All else as per our tour inclusions on the relevant tour page, is covered, as well as insect repellent.  You will not require to pay for anything else as all national park fees, entry fees, ferry costs, private property fees, lunch, morning tea and  Daintree River cruise is covered in costs.  You do need some extra cash for the ice cream at The Daintree Ice Cream Co.

Do I need to advise you ahead of any dietary restrictions?

YES, we are travelling to the rainforest to have lunch in a very private secluded Rainforest restaurant. This area is remote and It is too late to advise on arrival that you have allergies. Lunch consists of steak, fish, chicken, fettucine, different salads, bread roll followed by a tropical fruits, tea and coffee.  Please ensure you advise us on booking of any dietary requirements.

Are there advantages of travelling during the months of October to April/quieter times of the year?

With the exception of the Christmas School Holidays, there are less people on tours for an even more personal experience, many times you will be the only ones on board…much like a private charter without the added cost.

What are the advantages of booking early?

We are a small tour group company with limited seats in each vehicle. During school holidays and other peak periods, we do book out quickly, so don’t be persuaded to leave it until the last possible minute to book as the chances are that you will miss out on your preferred date, departure time or all together.

We strongly advise that all guests pre book, even during the quieter periods as this is also the time when some of our vehicles are off the road for detailing, works and some guides do take the opportunity  to have their yearly breaks so we may be short staffed.

Do your tours depart daily?

We do not operate Christmas or New Years Day.

Does it rain often in the rainforest and what happens if it rains?

The Daintree Rainforest is located in the Wet Tropics area of North Queensland. This is the oldest continuously living rainforest in the world and it needs the rain to survive.  Our tours run, rain or shine. An umbrella is provided for each guest. Morning tea and lunch is enjoyed undercover.  Should we strike adverse weather and with consideration to your safety the itinerary or type of vehicle used may change although this is a rare occurrence.

Will the rain spoil my day?

NO as the name says it is a RAINforest and that’s what makes this such a special and lush place to visit and what better way to experience it, smell it and admire it, than in the rain.  The rain rejuvenates and revitalises the Rainforest and brings new life in the shape of many colourful fungi sprouting everywhere. The sound of rain during a downpour in the Daintree Rainforest is incredible.  Observing steam rise from the Daintree Rainforest floor and hot road surface while the sun is shining through is also a pretty amazing sight and makes for a wonderful photo opportunity.  The rain does not last all day and is usually intermitted by bursts of sunshine. Try and remember that it is a RAINforest and it won’t survive without rain.  We have been conducting these tours for many years and we want to ensure that you enjoy your day in all weather and make the most of your Daintree Rainforest experience.

What if I want to change days?

Dates can be changed only if we receive 24 hours notice/ 48 hours notice for charters and only if we have availability on your next preferred date. If you are trying to plan your trip according to weather and wind conditions, these weather sites may be of assistance.  Click/View an extended one month forecast or a shorter one week forecast

Is there a benefit to doing an organized tour to the Daintree Rainforest?

Yes, you will have a knowledgeable tour guide to show you the Rainforest and surrounds and have a greater opportunity to learn and see more private areas than if you were to visit independently.

Can I travel as a solo guest?

Yes, we have a large volume of solo guests travelling throughout the year. We do though require minimum numbers before we can run a tour, so at times, we may need to place you on a waitlist basis until we receive another booking before we can confirm the departure.  This can happen overnight however if you are well organised and booking months in advance it may take a while before we can confirm your tour.

How much walking is involved?

The TOUR’A’ Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation via Mossman Gorge tour, includes two interpretive walks. One at Mossman Gorge National Park and one in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest at Noah Valley private world heritage listed property. Neither walks are hikes, each walk takes approximately 40 minutes and we class them as a leisurely walk with your guide with the opportunity to view a wide range of rainforest flora. This is suitable for all age groups however you must be able to walk unassisted with no walking aids as the walk at Noah Valley is on natural terrain which is very uneven.

The TOUR’B’ Bloomfield Falls Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation tour, offers one short walk only in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest at Noah Valley private world heritage listed property. This tour also includes a very short walk from the car park at Bloomfield to view the Bloomfield Falls. This walk is over some large rocks with very uneven rough ground and not recommended to anyone who cannot walk unassisted.

The Noah Valley private property is not a public boardwalk, so you will not encounter large hoards of crowds or bus groups or other companies. The walks may seem long, but you are not going far as we take it slowly and with the quietness it offers there is more possibility to encounter more bird life and wildlife. So take your time, listen and grab every photo opportunity.

Why don’t you use boardwalks all the time?

Years of experience, has taught us that people see and appreciate more in small personalised groups, away from crowds visiting out-of-the-way places mainstream tours never see.

Tony’s Tropical Tours is proud to be able to showcase this beautiful world heritage listed private property in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest to our guests and partake in a walk which is private and away from hoards of other companies and self drivers.

Will there be toilet stops along the way?

Yes, we stop approximately every 35 minutes and there will be toilets available. On the TOUR’A’, The longest part of the journey is on our return from The Daintree Ice Cream Company back to Port Douglas, which takes approximately one hour twenty minutes, depending on ferry queues. Please use this last stop if you need to.

On the TOUR’B’ Bloomfield Falls tour, there is approximately two and a half hours of off road driving and no toilets along the way. Please consider this before booking this tour.

My child is under eight can he /she join the tour?

Our tours are designed for all age groups, however if your child is under the age of eight you will require a private charter. Due to Queensland Transport Department regulations a child under the age of 7 requires a child restraint seat if travelling in a smaller vehicle. As we come under those guidelines, we cannot place a child/baby seat with a mixed group.

Do you ever cancel?

We travel 7 days a week and only cancel if we receive notification that the National Parks are closed, the Daintree River may be in flood, a breakdown with the Daintree ferry, there are road closures or trees down due to cyclonic winds or a cyclone. If any of these should occur we contact each guest as soon as possible , you will be given the choice to either re schedule or a refund. The decision will be made by taking into consideration your safety, as well as any impending weather forecasts. If we cancel, you will not be charged however please don’t assume that you’re not going because it’s raining or because you feel that the weather is unacceptable, as you will be charged if the tour is running.

Most of our cancellation by guests are due to guests not wishing to travel because it’s raining, please remember you have booked a RAINforest tour.

Am I likely to see wildlife?

Our tours are conducted in a natural environment, therefore wildlife is never guaranteed. You are likely to see butterflies, boyd’s forest dragons, insects, birds, bats, musky rat kangaroo, water dragons, lizards, platypus, snakes, cassowaries, crocodiles or even a tree kangaroo. Unfortunately though they are not always around. There are many factors that contribute to wildlife sighting. Weather, tides and rainforest food plays a large role. Our wildlife is generally shy, so small group tours in natural environments and private areas are always best.