Endless Summer In the Daintree Rainforest

Summer is in full swing here in Tropical North Queensland. Our balmy weather and little rain has everyone enjoying the outdoors. If your idea of an endless summer is warm weather, a dip in a cool rainforest stream, basking in the sun, a hammock in a shady secluded part of a beach, a good book in one hand and a cool drink in another or even the odd tropical storm, then we have it all for you at present.

While our beaches are out of bounds for swimming at this time of the year because of the prevalence of marine stingers, many of our southern neighbours  and overseas visitors are still enjoying a dip in the ocean within the netted and patrolled areas as well as a plunge in the crystal clear rainforest streams.

A most popular spot for locals and visitors alike to refresh is the Mossman Gorge. Located at the foot of the Daintree National Park, this popular tourist attraction offers swimming and picnic areas, and beautiful walks. Enjoy the solitude and the sounds of cascading water over the granite boulder, but be prepared for crowds on a weekend.

The Daintree Rainforest offers many other beautiful streams and swimming areas however we do not recommend that you jump in unless it is safe to do so. As crocodiles inhabit many of our waters it is strongly recommended that you ask a local for advice and heed any warning signs.
Enjoy your time in the Tropics, we certainly are at present. The weather is stunning and perfect for that break away from traffic, chaos and uproar of city life.