The Sunny side of the rainy season in the Daintree Rainforest

The rainy season can be the best time to visit Far North Queensland and especially the Daintree Rainforest. Exploring the Daintree Rainforest in the rainy season is absolutely magical.
To many people, the rainy season means hot, wet and humid weather, but they are missing the point. The rain seems to wash the deadening heat out of the day leaving the Daintree Rainforest glistening and smelling so fresh. The rain rejuvenates and revitalises the Rainforest and brings new life in the shape of many colourful fungi sprouting everywhere. For waterfalls lovers, you are in for a treat. The Bloomfield Falls are infinitely better during the rainy season and the trip there makes a great off road adventure. Everywhere you turn there are vibrant greens to appreciate.
The rainy season also means less visitors in the area and less people on tours for an even more personal experience, many times you will be the only ones on board…much like a private charter without the added cost. You also don’t worry about the rain while you are on tour as we carry umbrellas and ponchos for each guest and enjoy morning tea and lunch undercover.
Four us locals it’s time to slow down, rejuvenate and sometimes manage to take time off and enjoy a slower pace.
We love long walks in the rain, chilled nights catching up with friends while listening to the sound of rain during a downpour. We never get sick of watching steam rise from the very hot road surface while the sun is shining through, it is a pretty amazing site.
Now you may think it unlucky to get a few days of wet weather but there’s plenty you can do here on a wet day. Don’ t think that it will mean sitting in your room and just watching a video or the TV. because the chances are that you are likely not to hear it anyway because of the rain which will fall intermittently and be quite loud. Rain always looks worse from a hotel room so get out and indulge in an ice cream, the weather is warm anyway, no need for that jumper or coat, enjoy a hike, have a massage or a spa, visit a wildlife park and meet some Australian local wildlife, take a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy the warm water. You’re going to get wet anyway!, have a long lunch and relax, have a coffee or a drink in a nearby coffee shop or watering hole, introduce yourself to a local. You’ll know the locals from their laid back kind of style and you’ll be amazed at how friendly we are and how much you can find out of what’s happening in our area. Hire a bicycle and enjoy the area and our endless Four Mile Beach.

Some people have an apprehension about travelling during the rainy season but don’t worry if it rains! You can almost everything in wet season that you can in dry season. Not every day is sunny, but every day can be great! The rain may be a quick heavy downpour lasting an hour, and then the rest of the day could be fine. Some days are like that, some have no rain, some are just grey and drizzly and sometimes there’s a wonderful rainbow at the end. It’s tropical weather, and we don’t get all that green without rain!