Winter? In Tropical North Queensland

With the ‘wet’ season behind us, we now look forward to the cooler temperatures and low humidity.

While the northern hemisphere, our neighbours in New Zealand and many parts of Australia are experiencing  very cold or close to freezing winters, our winters or the ‘dry season’  as we call it in Tropical North Queensland are full of clear skies, sunshine and warmth.  Because of our pleasant  winter temperatures the area draws thousands of visitors from Australia as well as all over the world who come to bask in the sun and enjoy this township of Port Douglas which we call ‘Paradise’ .

Being a most popular time for visitors many flock to experience the Great Barrier Reef to swim with the inquisitive Minke Whales and the giant Humpbacks as well as experiencing The Daintree Rainforest where our seasonal rains have left us with luscious thick vegetations, not to mention the abundance of crocodiles basking on the banks of rivers and creeks. The temperate weather also makes it a very popular time of the year to hold that tropical wedding and there’s not too many days that go by without witnessing a wedding party in one of the many romantic venues in the area.

If visiting the Tropical North Queensland during this busy time of the year, particularly if you are visiting during a period that any school holiday falls in, you will notice that accommodation is limited and booking any tours may become a juggling act.

As a must see destination and to make the most of your visit, do try and:
Book your accommodation early, especially if you are mindset on a particular property.

Do book your tours early, to avoid disappointment remembering that most tour operators in Port Douglas do travel with small numbers so there is a great possibility of missing out.

Travel with an Ecotourism Accredited operator. Look for the The Eco Certification logo which means that you are guaranteed to experience a genuine and authentic tour, attraction or accommodation that looks after the environment
Find out what’s happening in the area during your visit. Chances are there is something that the internet is not showing, such as a local performance/plays, mini concerts, festivals, local markets or sports events.

If you’re feeling like just relaxing then try one of the many day spas, or an afternoon sail on the calm waters or an early morning balloon flight over the Tablelands or just relax by the pool or 4 Mile Beach.

Whatever your vacation commands, Port Douglas has something for everyone and  more, so try it, we know we will not disappoint you.